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MD Mowover© Marking Stakes
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Now the company you have trusted for over ten years with custom signs for your driving range is proud to distribute FAIRWAY FEEL® range mats & MD Mowover® Stakes for range and fairways.
MD Mowover© Marking Stakes
MD Mowover© Marking Stakes Finally a flexible marking stake that takes the punishment when run over by reel mowers, tractors, golf carts, and almost anything else you can throw at it (except rotary mowers).  No need to worry which way you are installing it, just drill the correct size ground hole and insert the base completely in the ground.  Add a ground anchor for easy removal and replacement to the same location.  One year warranty on materials and workmanship.  Individual parts replaceable if necessary.  Specify red, white, blue, yellow or green.
41099 Complete, 1 - 50 qty. $15.75 each
41099 Complete, 50+ qty. $14.75 each
41115 18" top $3.95 each
41110 8" base $2.50 each
42170 MD flex $14.00 each
MD Range Distance Pin
MD Range Distance Pin MD stands for Multi Directional.  This rugged 48" high stake flexes in any direction.  You won't be constantly replacing broken pins or markers hit by ball pickers, carts and even reel mowers.  originally developed to take the intense pounding of Olympic and World Champion downhill skiers, this special hinge is now available for yardage marking on your driving range or course fairways.  After a one-year warranty, your investment remains protected as the 48" marker, flex, and base pipe are all individually replaceable.  
41096 Complete $23.00 each
41109 4' Top Only $13.00 each
42170 Flex $14.00 each
41110 8" base $2.50 each
Ground Anchor
Ground Anchor 100% UV-treated ABS tube.  Use as a permanent in-ground sleeve for easy removal/replacement during mowing or ball retrieval.  Same size anchor tube will fit MD Range Markers and/or MD Mowover Fairway Distance Markers.  Convenient top cap keeps the anchor free of debris during the off season.
41093 1-49 qty. $5.00 each
41093 50+ qty. $4.35 each
Let ProMark customize signs for your driving range!
2200 Series 2300DLX Series
2200 Series
9" x 10" x .25" Actual Size
This example $40 each, plus $35 one-time setup.  Tee graphic is stock art.
2300DLX Series
10" x 18" x .25" Actual Size
Base price, $65 each, plus one time $15 charge for each custom graphic per plate, NOT per target green.
Birdie Series
Birdie Series
10" x 10" x .25" Actual Size
(Samples lower left & right)
Prices as low as $26 each.  Available in red, white, blue, green and yellow.  Engraving shows as white on red & blue plates; black on white and yellow plates.
1. Does the price include engraving?  YES.  The price you will be quoted will deliver a finished product, and everything you need for assembly and installation.
2. I would like to use a logo.  What do you need?  Some e-mail images, or black and white camera ready art.  Logo may affect price per plate.  Fax or E-mail logo for a quote.
3. All of my target yardages are different.  How does this affect the price per plate?  It doesn't!
4. I want to show my red target as red, blue as blue, etc.  Can you do that?  NO.  We engrave through a cap layer to reveal the substrate layer, and colorization is not an option at this time.
5. I don't like any of the options shown.  May I design my own?  YES.  We will do our best to make exactly what you want.
6. The sample sizes are either too small or too large.  Do you have custom sizes?  YES.  With some limitations.
7. What is the delivery time and how do I order?  We try to deliver within 2 weeks... Just call us at 800-522-3485.
Look to us for all your driving range supplies!  Call us for a quote on flags, range banners or anything you need.  Check out our custom signs for your driving range, including the 2000 Series markers for driving range tees and the ProMark Birdie Series shown above.  Prices start at $28.
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